The Impact of Immigration on Housing

Below is a press release from the cross-party group Balanced Migration, dated 16/11/10.

The Impact of Immigration on Housing

“The coalition government have now confirmed that, according to the current official projections, immigration is likely to account for nearly 40% of household formation in the next 23 years – an average of very nearly 100,000 households a year. We already have a housing crisis with one and three quarter million families on Local Authorities waiting lists in England. We also have the worst financial crisis for at least a generation. The case for getting immigration into line with emigration – Balanced Migration – has never been stronger.”

This is a cross party group, as stated above. Unfortunately, these MP’s etc are members of political Parties that have brought us to the situation we are in now. Our livelihoods are under threat from cheap foreign labour. Our culture is being undermined by their confederates within the main parties. They go along with the destruction of England, our proud traditions and history.

The Labour party no longer represents the interests of the working man. They are concerned with feathering their own nests. In with the “Fat Cats” of Corporate Britain. Interested more with the Internationalist agenda, than the man from Liverpool who can’t get a job because of cheap foreign labour. Patriotic Labour no longer exists. They have foisted uncontrolled mass immigration on the British nation to “rub the Rights nose in it”, as a government leak has revealed. Unfortunately, they have been playing with the lives of people who have found it increasingly hard to find work. Work that will pay better than being on benefits.

The Lib Dems are as bad if not worse. Their agenda against individual freedom, and more statism in education is all part of the one size fits all attitude in education and other areas, another form of socialism. Again, they push multi-culturalism when it suits.

The conservatives have been greatly affected by the Marxist agenda. Having lost three general elections on a supposedly “Right wing” manifesto, they have shifted culturally to the left, so now they accept the Gay “Rights” agenda, they accept the family can mean all sorts of things and it doesn’t matter what the social ills that come about from this experiment are.

We in UKIP believe in civil liberties, but we don’t believe in government sponsored social engineering. Uncontrolled mass immigration is part of the social engineering agenda. We recognize it as that. We have no hatred towards foreigners who come here to work, and we reject the racism of the BNP. Having said that, we recognize the large tax burden that we have to put up with whilst EU mass immigration is allowed. Whilst we are in The European Union we can not control our own borders. This is fact.

Not only is the competition for jobs increased but there has been large increases for school places, housing lists and waiting lists for NHS treatment. Surely these are genuine concerns for the average person. As tax payers we should be concerned, specially when our economy has been allowed to spiral into such a bad state. We have a national debt of £4.8 trillion pounds.Whilst we remain in the European Union these concerns can not be addressed  for the benefit of the UK.

If you agree, get in touch, join the UK Independence Party, join Liverpool branch and start to make a difference.

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UKIP observe Rememberance Day at Liverpool Cenotaph

Merseyside County Committee Chairman, Neil Miney, laying a wreath on behalf of the members of the UK Independence Party, at the Cenotaph in Liverpool city centre.

“It is important that we remember the sacrifices that have been made, in the past and presently, for the freedoms we enjoy today,” he said.

Lest We Forget

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Poorest students in England are in line for a massive debt burden if they bother going to University. Thanks to the ConDem’s.

Universities Minister David Willetts announced proposals to raise the tuition fee cap to £6,000, with institutions able to charge up to £9,000 in “exceptional circumstances.” That’s a possible £27,000 for a three year course.

The ConDem coalition has once again failed to deliver. The LibDems stood in the General Election on a platform of “No increase in tuition fees”. The Tories were never going to do anything other than increase them. Now we can see what they have come up with. Surely they have conspired to keep our youth of the future in continual debt. Essentially no different from modern day slavery.

Labour were no better whilst they were in power. Aiming to get 50% of youth into universities. They were elected previously saying they would not introduce fees or top up fees and did both.They ploughed excessive money into Universities, largely manipulating the unemployment figures.

They, and the Tories before them, have devalued the once prized possession of a degree. There has been a systematic dumbing down of the academic rigors, once associated with a degree. We have short changed a whole generation of people. and saddled them with large debt  for many years to come. The proliferation of non-degree courses, such as “David Beckham studies”, shows the decadence to which some departments have been subjected.

Labour’s mismanagement of public finances is the legacy we have all got to grapple with. They have over spent. They have also reduced the opportunities for British citizens to study in their own country.

It is “unacceptable” according to Young Independence Chairman Michael Heaver that the number of British-born students accepted at British Universities has gone down by 0.2%, thanks to the influx of students from new EU countries.

“Of course we welcome foreign students at our Universities and we want our own young people to be able to study abroad,” said Heaver.

“But the fact that EU students are entitled to the same government loans as British students has contributed towards a record one-third of British students, over 200,000 young people, being rejected for degree courses.

“All foreign students who wish to come and study in the UK should be given the same rights and opportunities. Why should a student from Romania get preference to study in our country compared to a student from Nigeria or America?”

It is not a coincidence that there has been a recent 30% increase in applications from foreigners to come and study here. Many of these simply disappear after obtaining a student visa, adding to the hidden immigration figures.

Simply put, there are too many Universities. To save the kudos of obtaining a degree, we need to reinstate the academic rigor once associated with them in British universities. Instead of  trying to make people obtain a degree for a job which does not demand one , we should demand quality to challenge the world of international further education. We need a return to the old-style Polytechnics, or there equivalence, for the less academic. We need a return of manufacturing in the UK economy and the skills that go with it.

Along with realigning the University/Polytechnic side of things, UKIP policy is to get rid of tuition fees. It is a disgrace that students in Scotland can leave studies without any debt, but in England we saddle our youth with debt and send them into a world of work with an unfair burden. Surely it is in our interests to have well educated graduates that will add to the wealth of our economy. As it is, there is a disincentive for people from poorer families to send their children to Universities because of the amount of money involved. So much for Socialism, so much for “Progressive” politics, whether the Labour, or, the LibDem variety.

Only UKIP has policies which will bring back common sense into Britains educational system. Check out our policies if you don’t believe me.

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Defend free speech — repeal the word ‘insulting’ from Section 5 of the Public Order Act

We support the Christian Institute in their campaign to have the word “insulting” removed from Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

The previous Labour government brought in many Draconian laws, in an attempt to restrict free speech. It is all part of the Left’s Cultural Marxist agenda. They wish to stop debate. They like positive discrimination for ethnic /gender “minorities”. They know that these laws also discriminate “against” the English, Welsh and Scottish. The majority Christian culture which has shaped our nation for centuries is under attack. If we don’t take a stand then our very freedoms which we enjoy, will soon be gone.

In a democracy there needs to be freedom to debate. There have always been laws that can be used if language was excessive, but Labour went further. They want to socially engineer the Utopian Globalist Socialist Republic of the New World. The thought police will be watching every move. Classroom representatives will be ready to report if your child says anything heretical. Socialist courts will be ready to burn people at the stake, anyone who speaks out or who dares to “insult” another person. Of course, insulting the enemies of socialism will be acceptable. There will be a special indulgence for that.

Please support the Christian Institute in their campaign for free speech. There is a cultural/political/religious war going on.

Follow the link below to see their video.

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Geert Wilders, love him or loathe him, what has happened to Free Speech?

We reject any hatred of Muslims. We wish to live in peace with our neighbour. But, we believe that it is helpful, in a democratic society to put peoples beliefs under the microscope. Islam should not be immune to scrutiny. We oppose Sharia Law. We believe that there should be one law of the land and that it should apply to all Her Majesties subjects.

If Islam teaches Jihad against the “Infidel”, then this should not be immune to scrutiny either. We reject any accusation that would label people who want to engage in that debate as “Islamophobic”, or “Racist”. To debate these topics is not to show hatred but to show concern for our democracy and our traditional freedoms- especially those of women.

These snipets about Geert Wilders below are included, not as an endorsement of Mr Wilders, or his Freedom Party, but as an insight into how Cultural Marxism has taken over many of the institutions in countries across the European Union. Aided and abetted by the mass media, free speech is being attacked and suppressed. The same is happening in the UK. Heed the warning.

Even if he wins his case, the messaage is, you run the risk of ending up in court if you question the prevailing Left wing consensus that has swept the European Union.

It is of course extraordinary that any civilised democratic country should put a man on trial for a film, or a book, or a blog article for that matter.
But it has become commonplace in European countries, especially those under the aegis of the EUSSR, to hound patriots, Christians and conservatives for exercising their traditionally sacrosanct rights of free expression.
However, in the past, at least the judges have mostly maintained a veneer of fairness.
Not so in Holland, where a robed pinko named Jan Moors has made a mockery of the law with two major inputs of sheer left-lib bias.

Geert Wilders, On Trial for Saying What Many Dutch Folk Think! 

And the trial rolls on.
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The hate trial of Dutch anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders, who will have a powerful shadow role in the Dutch government, resumed on Wednesday with a showing of his controversial film that criticises the Koran.
The screening in court of Wilders’s 2008 film “Fitna,” which accuses the Koran of inciting violence, threatened to interrupt the trial for a second time in a week when defence lawyer Bram Moszkowicz objected to comments from presiding judge Jan Moors.
When one complainant said she did not wish to see the film, which accuses the Koran of inciting violence, Moors said: “I can understand that” — prompting a sharp response from Moszkowicz who said such a remark is simply not allowed.’
This ‘innocent’ comment was eventually allowed to pass after Moors claimed it was not meant to be a comment on the film! So what was it?

Bloodthirsty FPI Ignoramus in Jakarta 

Only a few days earlier, the same ‘judge’ (aka inquisitor) caused the proceedings to be delayed after…well, read this from the left-lib UK Guardian 4/10
Dutch far-right leader’s advocate challenges presiding judge’s comment on opening day of Wilders’ trial for inciting racial hatred
Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom party and one of Europe’s leading Islam-baiters, went on trial today charged with hate speech and inciting racism, but the case was swiftly engulfed by uncertainty after a challenge over alleged judges’ bias.
The opening of the trial, expected to last a month in Amsterdam, followed a successful weekend for the maverick Dutch politician, with his influence over a new rightwing government confirmed and a campaign speech in Germany aimed at establishing a trans-national European movement against Muslim immigration.
Wilders entered the dock amid heavy security and promptly affirmed his commitment to free speech, dismissing the charges against him while not entering a plea.
He faces a hefty fine or a year in jail if found guilty on five charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims and insulting their religion for likening, as he routinely does, the Qur’an to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and describing Islam as fascist.

Likened to Mein Kampf? God Forbid! 

“I am on trial, but on trial with me is the freedom of expression of many Dutch citizens,” he told the Amsterdam district court. “I can assure you, I will continue proclaiming it.”
Wilders then asserted his right to remain silent for the rest of the trial, prompting a comment from the presiding judge, Jan Moors, which was challenged by Wilders’s lawyer.
Moors said Wilders was known for making bold statements but avoiding discussions, adding: “It appears you’re doing so again.”

What the hell kinda ‘judge’ is this?
Bram Moszkowicz, representing Wilders, said the comment gave the appearance that Moors was biased and moved to have him substituted.
The hearing was suspended while other judges consider the complaint….”I thought I had a right to a fair trial, including the right to remain silent,” said Wilders. “It is scandalous that the judge passes comment on that.
A fair trial is not possible with judges like that.”

Turns out the judge was not removed from the trial, so there’s precious little chance of justice, but it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster case from the start, as the scheme to put the Dutch patriot on trial was at first dismissed. The left-lib establishment, however, powerful still in Holland, ruled he should face charges after he wrote an opinion piece in a Dutch newspaper stating: “I’ve had enough of Islam in the Netherlands; let not one more Muslim immigrate … I’ve had enough of the Qur’an in the Netherlands. Forbid that fascist book.”
The killer of Theo van Gogh and 14 of the other witnesses anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders wanted to call in his defence against charges of discrimination and inciting hatred have been ruled inadmissible by Amsterdam district court.

And only this week, from Vlad Tepes blog, we have this report from Dutch sources.
Translated from Dutch media by VH with much thanks!
Hirsch Ballin was consulted over a trial by Johan van den Dongen
Outgoing Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice) has, from a very early stage, been personally involved in the decision making on whether or not to prosecute Geert Wilders. This is evidenced by internal e-mail correspondence from 2008, between the public prosecutor’s office in The Hague (the top of the OM) and the public prosecutor in Amsterdam.
The information has quite some piquancy, because in our country the justice minister habitually keeps the necessary distance to prevent exposing the OM to changing political influences. In addition, with this information a different light is shed on the role of Hirsch Ballin as one of the fiercest CDA opponents of tolerating the support Wilders’ PVV [to a new coalition govenrment].’ read more on Vlad Tepes

Right, on with the show(-trial) and let’s see. Why shouldn’t Dutch folk have the right to say who they think should be allowed to settle in THEIR country?

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New UKIP Merseyside County Committee set up.

On 14th October, UKIP members from all over Merseyside met, in Liverpool, to set up a new county committee. All branches from around the county were represented.

It is hoped that the new committee will aid the need for devolution/delegation of responsibility away from the Northwest regional committee in Lancaster, nearer to the local branches. It will be able to co-ordinate activities over a smaller area.

Dr Fred McGlade (NW Regional Organiser) said “for far too long, UKIP has been a top down organisation. Hopefully this new body will give the local branches a greater say in how things are run in their area”.

Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP for the N.W., also attended, and gave the audience an update o what was happening in the European Parliament.

All agreed that it was a great evening, and hope that the new County set up will facilitate the continued growth of UKIP in the Merseyside area. It is also testimony to the growth of UKIP branches that a County committee can now exist.

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Why leave the EU? Do the maths.

“If we left Europe today we would not have to reduce UK expenditure one iota”, said Nigel Farage UKIP MEP today.

“Britain will be paying, at current rates £82 billion pounds to Brussels over the next 5 years. Neatly matching the £81 billion in reduced expenditure announced by George Osborne over the same period”.

“Currently Britain is paying £45 million to Brussels as subscriptions to the EU club”, he said, “multiply that by 365, then again by 5 and the figure is £82 billion”.

“If we were to leave and if we were to continue to reduce spending expectations then we as a nation could clear our deficit in double quick time. This would of course create significant private sector confidence and cause a massive boost to investments and jobs”.

Instead of that this Government continues to beggar us by membership of the sclerotic, spendthrift European Union, rather than giving this country the freedom to grow.”

Of course I have not included the 5.9% increase in EU funding so immorally voted for yesterday in Strasbourg, nor indeed the loss of our rebate, so in reality the figures may become even more stark”, said Farage

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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